Alpine Space Interreg - INTESI Project


The eHealth Research and Innovation Unit participates in the project INTESI (integrated territorial strategies for services of general interest). The research unit is leading the subproject VITAMO, which investigates the technological capabilities of telemonitoring approaches for the support of mobile nursing/care in the rural region of Reutte/Tyrol. More Information can be found here: VITAMO Project

HTL students present NAO

NAO presentation

With the support of the eHealth Research and Innovation Unit, students of the HTL Anichstraße presented NAO at the occupational orientation exposition "BeST" and at the open day of their school.

Students visited NAO

NI 2016

Students from the "Neue Mittelschule Schönegg" (secondary school) visited NAO to get an impression about the robot's capabilities and how he can interact with people.

Best Student Paper Award

NI 2016

Marco Schweitzer received the 3rd price for the Best Student Paper Award at the NI2016 conference in Geneva for his work on Robotic Assistance in Medication Management: Development and Evaluation of a Prototype. The eHealth research & inovation unit congratulates Marco for his success.