IHE Research, Demonstration and Testing Laboratory

Duration: 2008 -

Partner: Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)


Under the auspices of IHE Austria the Research Division for eHealth and Telemedicine operates an IHE Research, Demonstration and Testing Laboratory (IHE RDT Lab).The Laboratories address three main goals: 1. Research in current or upcoming fields of technical interoperability, which are less or not addressed by the IHE yet. 2. IHE courses and support for interested companies, health care institutions or persons who are i.e. preparing their software for a connectathon test. 3. Demonstration and Testing of IHE interoperability in IT infrastructure integration profiles.

IHE Research
The research lab addresses topics relevant for health care interoperability which are currently not sufficiently covered by IHE profiles. It also covers profiles with open issues, especially in European / Austrian context, such as data privacy aspects, scalability, service distribution, performance. Therefore it is planned to establish several working groups, starting with an XDS working group.

IHE Demonstration and Testing
The IHE RDT Lab provides facilities to demonstrate how IHE Integration Profiles can contribute to vendor independent interoperability for healthcare systems. The RDT Lab starts with interoperability demonstration of Electronic Health Records based on the IHE Infrastructure Technical Framework (ITI) and will then in a stepwise approach cover remaining domains such as Radiology, Cardiology and Patient Care Devices or other.

The RDT Lab provides running demo installations of relevant IHE actors in a realistic, close to reality environment. Remote access to the those installations is provided as well as on-site visits are possible. It also operates running reference installations of IHE compliant applications and infrastructures as a test platform for institutions and software vendors in order to facilitate the development process of IHE based applications.

 The objectives are: