ProRec Austria

Duration: 2008 -

Partner: EuroRec Institue


The EuroRec Institute is a European Non-Profit-Organization that fosters the implementation of high-quality Electronic Health Records in Europe. This aim is on one hand persued by the establishment of quality requirements and corresponding processes for the certification of Electronic Health Records and on the other hand by the establishment of a network of ProRec Centers.

These ProRec Centers persue a number of aims amongst others:

  • Establishment of an oper communication platform, which support inter-domain activities related to quality management of Electronic Health Records and eHealth in a broader sense.
  • Proliferation of standards and best practices related to the conceptualization and implementation of Electronic Health Records and information systems in general.
  • Application for and particpation in scientific projects on a national and international level.
  • Linking of stakeholders realted to information systems in healthcare.

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